What is outsourced marketing?
Think of it as having a Director of Marketing without having to pay a full-time salary, benefits and other employee-related expenses. No company-issued computer, cell phone or parking space required! We work closely with your company’s ownership or management team to develop a marketing strategy, budget and goals based on your overall company objectives. Our resources manage and administer all aspects of the marketing plans, communicating with your team regularly and reporting results when available.



Can outsourced marketing work for you?
It can if any of the following situations applies to your business. 

  • You know you need marketing help, but are just unsure where to start. 
  • You currently have internal resources but they are tied up with other activities.
  • Your internal resources have limited packaging industry experience. 
  • You have a current agency that just can’t seem to understand your business, the packaging industry and seems to only want you to dump tens of thousands of dollars into research projects. 

If any of those are true, you understand that marketing is an investment and not an overnight quick-fix and are open to new ideas, then outsourced marketing will work for you.

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What are the benefits of outsourced marketing?
If you’re like many other companies in the packaging industry, you might have delegated marketing responsibilities to several employees but nobody is taking the lead. Perhaps your CEO or VP of Sales is supposed to handle it. However, their focus is (and should be) running the organization or supporting sales efforts and getting orders in the door. 

Here are some of the benefits you can expect: 

  • Have an accountable resource(s) for all marketing activity 

  • Save overall employee expenses 

  • Allow internal resources to be more efficient

  • Increase your company’s brand awareness 

  • Support sales efforts and generate leads 

  • Ability to see progress and results from marketing activities