Why we offer Trade Show Management

Do trade shows have a tendancy to “sneak up” on your company and you suddenly realize the show opens in three weeks and you still have 72 things to get done? You’re not alone. It happens more than you’d think. 


For a show to go as smoothly as possible, planning must be done well ahead of time. We’re talking several months, not weeks. If you don’t have a dedicated trade show manager on-staff, you might have activities delegated to several employees. Those people might not have the time or experience to deal with the dozens of details that need to be taken care of for PACK EXPO, or any other show for that matter. 


Our show management services can reduce or eliminate your trade show-induced headaches. We handle every detail, top-to-bottom, so you or your staff don’t have to. 

  • Here are the major elements that we manage for you: 
  • Overall exhibiting strategy 
  • Booth location selection 
  • Booth layout 
  • Messaging 
  • Pre-show promotions 
  • Ordering services 
  • Overall scheduling 
  • Shipping coordination 
  • Lead handling strategy & system 


Some companies have gone so far as to putting us on file with PMMI to be their show contact for PACK EXPO. That means, all show communication comes to us, we handle all contracts, booth selection and so on. You, the client, just have to provide an answer when we need it. Oh, and we do the work to evaluate all possible options so you just have to say yes, no or pick Option A, B or C. 


Here are some of the packaging trade shows where we have either managed or provided exhibits/displays for:  

  • PACK EXPO International
  • PACK EXPO Las Vegas
  • PACK EXPO East
  • ExpoPack Mexico
  • National Restaurant Show


  • IBIE ("The Bakery Show") 
  • IPPE ("The Poultry Show") 
  • Snaxpo
  • Westpack 
  • United Fresh Produce
  • Cheese Technology Expo 
  • Boston Seafood Show 
  • Northwest Food Processors 
  • Plus many other small regional shows & conferences  
So how can we help eliminate the trade show headaches? Here are a few ways:
Full Show Management Service 

This is an all-inclusive service where we truly manage every aspect of your show, top to bottom. That includes all elements listed above and the dozens of details in between. Our system makes sure every I is dotted and every T is crossed, in a timely manner so your show runs as smooth as possible. 


Pre-Show Promotions Service 

For some, they have an internal resource(s) that can handle the service ordering, shipping coordination and so on. So we have developed a specialized service to help drive traffic to your booth, utilizing our marketing experience and relationships with the packaging media. 


On-Site Management Service

This is an optional service we offer only to clients who sign up for the Full Show Management Package. Basically, we act as your on-site supervisor to ensure that the installation of your booth goes smoothly. If you are having us manage all the details, why not have us on-site to make sure what we put in place goes smoothly?