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Marketing and Trade Shows for the Packaging Industry: A Decade of KG Unwrapped

By Ray Kondracki on Jun 27, 2023 10:44:54 AM in Insider, Marketing, Trade Shows

Celebrating 10 Years 

Since opening in 2013, our company’s mission has remained the same–to provide the best marketing and trade show services that you can find in the packaging machinery industry and beyond. That’s why we focus 100% on supporting packaging, processing and material handling OEMs.  

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PACK GETS BACK (to in-person)

By Ray Kondracki on Oct 26, 2021 12:15:55 PM in Trade Show, Marketing

As packaging industry professionals, there's nothing quite like going to PACK EXPO. As packaging is the only industry we play in, PACK really has become our SuperBowl! The awe of seeing new technology and the excitement of talking shop with colleagues and customers never seems to fade. But for our team at Kondracki Group, this year stood out from previous ones. With a few new team members attending their first PACK EXPO and a couple of new clients since the last in-person show, this year’s Vegas show was a win for the books.

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5 Easy Ways to Get PACK EXPO Attendees to Your Booth

By Jill Russell Qualizza on Jun 28, 2018 2:47:10 PM in Trade Show, Marketing, Pack Expo 2018

You’ve prepared for a successful PACK EXPO International—you’ve updated your online exhibitor listing, made hotel reservations, and marked deadlines. All planning aside, a tradeshow isn’t a success without customers and media visiting your booth.

As you’re planning the final details of what you’ll have in the booth, it’s critical to consider who will visit and—more importantly—how they’ll know where to find you on the tradeshow floor.

Here are 5 ways to get attendees to visit your booth:

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It's all about the package

By Ray Kondracki on Mar 14, 2018 2:07:58 PM in Marketing

I was asked to write an article a few years back for Flexible Packaging Magazine from an OEM's perspective. The piece talks about how packaging machinery OEMs should speak the language of their customers - one that talks about the customer's product and package. Oftentimes, the end user thinks of machines as a means to an end - can your machine create my package better than the next guy's?

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